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If you're evolving

why does your supplement stays the same?

Go beyond generic questions to create your customized formula.
Data-driven improvements using sleep tracking.
All Natural solutions and Science-based.
No side effects

Have a supplement combination

that really works for you

Create your formulaSet our algorithm with your information to create your first formula.
Order your boxesFirst box has your primary combination. Second box will have an improved one.
Improve your formulaUse our app to track your sleep to get an improved and data-driven formula.

Science-based supplements:

The nutraceutical revolution!

Nutraceuticals are natural supplements with a recognized scientific foundation to address health conditions.

Sleepie uses only scientifically proven supplements so you can have accurate and trusted results.

Track your progress

and improve your formula

Sleepie App tracks your sleep so you can follow your results and transform your sleep data into a more personalized and accurate formula.

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Ingredient quality

All of our ingredients are chosen following the best quality standards and regulamentations for you to access nutraceuticals that are non-GMO and 100% free from gluten, sugar, artificial colors, and synthetic fillers.

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